Foxburg Boro

Safety Information

Meeting Time

Foxburg Borough Council meets every 2nd Monday of 6:00 PM at the Foxburg Community Building, 42 Railroad Street.

Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are available by request at


Ordinance Highlights:


Ordinance #1-2003 "Nuisance Ordinance"

Ordinance prohibiting nuisances within the borough and providing for removal, correction & abatement of nuisances -- part regarding dangerous structures repealed with Ord #1-2007

Grease in Lines

Ordinance #3-2007 “Sewer Use Ordinance – Maintenance & Replacement of Sanitary Sewers”

The Foxburg Borough Council, in conjunction with Foxburg Area Water and Sewer Authority, would like to make the following announcement/reminder to users of our public water and sewer system. Per our Borough Ordinance #3-2007, certain materials ARE NOT PERMITTED to enter the drainage system, the Number One problematic offender being GREASE. At considerable expense, the FAWSA recently had to pump out an unprecedented 5,000 gallons of grease and jet out the lines to get things working properly again. to continue reading


Ordinance #2-2015 “Vendor Permit Ordinance”

An ordinance of the borough of Foxburg, CLarion County, Pennsylvaniam providing for the amendment of ordinance #1-2005 to provide for the issuance of permits to vendors within the limits of public highways of the borough.

Snow Removal

Ordinance #2, section 7

Owners and (or) occupiers of properties abutting upon sidewalk within this Boro. shall remove from the sidewalks abutting upon their respective properties every considerable fall of snow and at all times keep such sidewalks free and clear of snow and ice, all snow falling during any night to be thus removed before 9:00 O'clock A.M. on the following morning.

Due to some concerns regarding the walkways, this ordinance is going to be enforced as such - You will have 24 hours from the end of a snowfall to remove the snow or face the penalties for being in violation of the said ordinance.